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Jurassic World: The Game Description

Jurassic World: The Game written by: Typesmith After the artistic and cinematic success of the Jurassic World Movie, it was only wise to follow it up with a game. We will explain how to use Jurassic World hack in this short article. Maybe you have been wondering if the game is as phenomenal and breathtaking as the movie. Or does the game inspiration follow closely to the film? Well, this Jurassic World: The Game tutorial will help you decide if the game is worth your time and money.

Jurassic World Hack

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The game cues from the movie and also the Jurassic Park Builder Game. It primarily focuses on two aspects namely; park building and dinosaur battles. You get a chance to use the Isla Nublar World as your canvas. Build the park to your heart’s desire with all the attractions to keep the visitors coming back. Moreover, you can build habitats and decorations to make your park stand out.

At your disposal is more than 50 dinosaur breeds. Hatch and nature them to be used as fighting machines of the future. The dinosaurs are feed with ‘food’ that you obtain from food stands and from missions. As you level up two similar dinosaurs to their maximum, you can use them to come up with an even more powerful breed. To buy entirely new dinosaurs you will need DNA currency. You can get all of those dinosaurs by using our Jurassic World Hack and getting unlimited Coins and Cash!

Speaking of currency, the game has many forms of resources. Coins and DNA are the most crucial. Coins are obtained from the park goers or tourists.You have to create enough attractions to maintain a healthy stream of coins. DNA can be obtained from a number of ways including daily rewards, selling dinosaurs and completing missions. Coins, Cash and a lot more you can obtain by using Jurassic World Hack!

Missions differ depending on which character they are coming from. Claire is in charge of park finances therefore, missions from her will be business oriented such as building attractions. Vic on the other hand is the Head Security. He will give you fight related missions. Jurassic World Cheats are completely secure you will not need to worry about your account security.

The fights are not your usual Mortal Combat affairs. Fights are turn based and involve three types of moves; attack, defend, save move. Save move lets you withhold your move so that you can utilize it in your next turn for a more powerful hit. Different dinosaurs have special advantages according to their biological traits. Carnivore dinosaurs overpower Herbivore dinosaurs but are inferior to Amphibians. Amphibians are no match Pterosaurs which are in turn overpowered by Herbivores and so on. Fights can be single or multiplayer with friends. You have to choose your dinosaurs wisely and also plan your battles strategically to win.

Jurassic World: The Game Graphics

The building in the park are colorful and futuristic. The cream of this game is the fighting. Ludia took their time to make some of the most graphically compelling fight scenes ever. From the texture and realism of the dinosaurs breeds to the fluid and natural movements. The fights area a sight to behold. It also goes without saying that such graphics need powerful hardware. Only current generation gadgets can keep up. Apple iPhone 5s and above, iPad Air 1 & 2 and the iPad Mini 3 are the only ones that make the cut on the iOS ecosystem.

Jurassic World Hack has an easy and userfriendly interface, you can see that in the image above.

Jurassic World: The Game Conclusion

If you loved the Jurassic World Movie, you will definitely feel at home with this game. As we have seen in this Jurassic World: The Game tutorial, you not only reunite with the phenomenal movie characters but also get a chance to build your own Jurassic World. The fights add a refreshing twist that serves to create an addictive gaming experience. Get this game today and get to relive the picturesque Jurassic World all over again.

We hope you will enjoy Jurassic World Hack as you will no longer need to farm Coins and Cash!

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